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Acid Water & Neutralization

Acid water is water which picks up free carbon dioxide from the air as it falls to the earth and passes through the ground to the water table. The carbon dioxide will then ionize in the water to form carbonic acid.

Water is neutral, acid or alkaline which is represented by the pH scale of 0 to 14. Neutral water is designated by a pH of 7.0. Water with a pH value less than 7.0 is acid water and a PH value greater than 7.0 is alkaline. Each pH value is ten times greater in strength as it varies in either direction from 7.0 to the next whole number. For example, water with a pH of 4.0 is ten times more acid than water with a pH of 5.0, and 100 times (10 x 10) more acid than 6.0

Acid water attacks all metal parts of plumbing and heating systems. Porcelain fixtures will put and stain. Copper pipes are progressively eaten away and costly leaks can occur in walls or ceilings. Green or blue stains appear on bathroom or kitchen fixtures and hot water may run brown or red.

Acid water can easily be corrected by installing a neutralizing filter. The filter is filled with neutralite, a mixture of calcium carbonate and corosex, which reacts with the acid forming materials in the water and neutralizes them instantly.  The filter should be backwashed weekly and the neutralite level checked every twelve to eighteen months with material being added as needed.


Acid Neutralizer with Water Softener

Dome opening on Acid Neutralizer for easy refilling.


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